How to find Auditions

Acting career initial steps

Beginning Acting Career Steps

To begin with, review your resume, qualifications, and aspirations. This will help you narrow down the market you want to aim for, be it acting or modeling, national or global. These procedures are key in making sure that you stay focused on your niche of the industry and the pursuit of your specific goal.

Proceed to the listing of agencies and professional clients contained in this guide, and select those you wish to contact. You are now ready for your mail-out campaign.



How the process works
With the ever increasing number of products emerging in the market, commercials are being created constantly by companies around the world, and most of them require the contribution of many talented actors and models.

How to create a resume

Your resume must follow industry guidelines. Your resume has to be complete but don't exaggerate. Provide your training list (past and current). You must describe your skills, experience, talents etc. This is not like your regular job resume, acting resume has its own sample and form.

Put as much attention and dedication as possible into your resume. Make sure you have some friends or family members who will read it and provide you a feedback. But remember, that your real acting resume is your portfolio, but this one is just a list of related jobs you've done and experience you've had.

Legal issues - property release

Unfortunately, there are numerous hazards and pitfalls waiting for you in your new career. Being prepared and alert of possible problems will better help you avoid many of them and deal with the rest. Legal jargon figures prominently in the entertainment world and one must be prepared to deal with matters pertaining to the ownership of his or her work and the admissibility of certain objects in his or her pictures. The following few pages will inform you of the theory behind ownership contention and help you be aware of your rights to ownership of your work.

Prepare to photo shooting

Preparation, planning, and awareness are key for you to have a productive photo shoot that leads to high-quality pictures. Here are some professional suggestions for beginners to plan out and execute a successful shoot:


How to work with photographer

Putting together a complete and effective portfolio is an absolute necessity for anyone aspiring to succeed in the industry. Realistically, this will usually require you to attend several photo shoot sessions and getting pictures taken in different moods, outfits, and themes so there is good variation in your photographs and you are able to send different images depending on what a certain audition calls for.

How to create your portfolio

When you decide, where exactly you want to go - acting or modeling, you'll need to put your portfolio together. Learn and take into account industry standards while making your portfolio.

Acting Portfolio

Select an agent

Obtaining an Agent/Manager

After deciding to pursue a certain facet of the entertainment industry and obtaining exposure and experience via the methods discussed above, you should be ready to find an agent that will work with you individually to further your career. Unfortunately, living in a major city is almost a requirement to obtain a well-established agent or management group. However, by the time an actor or model requires an agent, he or she should be initiated enough in the entertainment industry to require a permanent relocation to a major coastal city.

Modeling types

There are three primary categories of modeling work: Fashion, Promotional, and Commercial/Print modeling. Each category has several branches, some of which are explained below.


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