How to create your portfolio

When you decide, where exactly you want to go - acting or modeling, you'll need to put your portfolio together. Learn and take into account industry standards while making your portfolio.

Acting Portfolio
Casting directors will ask you to bring your portfolio together with you to all auditions. You must carry it with you all the time. Your portfolio consists of resume and photos (at least one of them is headshot). Each actor usually is required to have a black/white headshot with his resume. This is the most common requirement for the acting portfolio as for amateur and professional actors. Many photo companies mislead actors into getting a full modeling portfolios (comp cards). However, if you're not going to be a model, this is a waste of money.

Modeling Portfolio
A model needs to have a composite card (comp card or ZED Card). A composite card model's information (stats), agent (agency) contact information and up to 7 photos. Your modeling portfolio should meet all industry standards. This makes you professional.

Attention, Parents
We suggest that you should not take professional photos if you're managing your children career. Photos of children will get outdated rapidly. This will either require re-shoots or will misrepresent your kids as they grow. Casting directors will accept good quality photographs for children under the age of eleven.