How to create a resume

Your resume must follow industry guidelines. Your resume has to be complete but don't exaggerate. Provide your training list (past and current). You must describe your skills, experience, talents etc. This is not like your regular job resume, acting resume has its own sample and form.

Put as much attention and dedication as possible into your resume. Make sure you have some friends or family members who will read it and provide you a feedback. But remember, that your real acting resume is your portfolio, but this one is just a list of related jobs you've done and experience you've had.

Never, ever lie on your resume! Everybody knows everybody else in this business, and you'll be checked out carefully before you're hired.

Never exaggerate your measurements, talents, or experience. This slight exaggeration may cause you many problems further down the road.
The same resume is used for both commercial and theatrical auditions. At first, the special skills category of your resume will be the most important. Here you can list and display any and all characteristics or skills that make you stand apart from the crowd and can elevate you when competing for a position. Many parts require a certain skill or ability not possessed by many people and if you are able to do something special, chances are your abilities will be needed by a production. Again, do not exaggerate your proficiencies and be honest in your list.

The only exception to the maximum disclosure rule is applying for work shooting commercials. Never list previous commercials you have done in this instance, simply state that your commercial portfolio is available upon request. Companies are unlikely to hire an individual who has appeared in a commercial for a major competitor. Of course, you should never lie about shooting a commercial because in this industry, you will be caught and your marketability will suffer.

Furthermore, keep track of the commercials you shoot and the dates they were shot because union rules prohibit an individual from appearing in two conflicting commercials within the same year. For instance, you are not allowed to appear in a commercial for Nike if you just shot one for Adidas.