To find success in any industry, a company must identify a vision and uphold a commitment to that vision. Based in San Francisco, California, Casting360 is dedicated to its vision, which entails the creation of a high quality, user-friendly product that is carefully designed to meet and exceed consumer expectations in all areas of the national entertainment market.

The company uses its interactive website, located at www.casting360.com, to provide cutting-edge technology to allow its members access to entertainment industry-related information. It focuses on all of the performing arts, including theater, television, dance, and film in venues across the US. Casting360 offers many benefits to its members, including industry advice, portfolio development, acting advice, and a host of networking opportunities.

In fulfillment of its vision, the company provides intuitive services that fulfill the needs of casting directors, entertainment professionals, and emerging artists alike. At the forefront of the industry, Casting360 has built a functional model that facilitates the success of each of its members, thus fulfilling one of its core values of delivering excellence in service.