How to audition for film?

How to Audition for Film by Igor Reiant

At Casting360, we stress the importance of professional preparation for acting. This is especially important in auditioning for a film or TV role. Here are some pointers for this crucial step.

1. Study your lines. In a “cold reading,” you receive the material you are to perform at the audition site. You will have a few minutes to become familiar with the lines and will be able to refer to the script. Learn how to look at the camera after each line. In a “prepared reading,” the casting director will send you “sides,” that is, excerpts from the script. You’ll have several days to memorize and practice.
2. Make choices. For either type of auditioning, think about the material and decide how you will bring out the emotions in it. Consider the simple line, “I’m fine.” You could say it calmly, angrily, sarcastically, etc.
3. Keep your acting “small.” Film acting is close-up. Big dramatic gestures, such as waving your arms, won’t go over well. Let your acting come from your eyes, your facial expressions, and small gestures.
4. Be a professional. Come prepared to work. Avoid chatting, which erodes concentration, but do acknowledge everyone in the room.

--Igor Reiant is the Managing Partner of Casting360 in San Francisco.