The Core Values of Casting360

The Core Values of Casting360 by Igor Reiant

Shaking hands symbolizes the importance of mutuality and reciprocity to the casting directors, filmmakers, photographers, directors, and other leaders involved with Casting360. Our seven core values serve as guidelines for the way we serve the many talented people who look to us for careers in motion picture and TV entertainment.

Our first guideline, Decisions for the Common Good, means keeping in mind the ultimate goal, whether it is an outstanding film or an effective advertisement. This utilizes another core value, Building a Positive Team Spirit, which enables the persons on both sides of the camera to work in respectful harmony for a quality result. Aiding this cooperation is our concept Be CEO: Own Outcomes. This value embraces the idea that the members of our team own the outcomes of our decisions with the same sense of responsibility of a company president.

Thriving in our fast-paced industry means that we take pride to Move at Casting360 Speed, another principle we follow. We work with a sense of urgency to meet deadlines, providing reliability to those we serve. Doing so helps us to realize our value to Embrace and Drive Improvement in the ways we do business, which functions in collaboration with our effort to Promote Technology and Innovation. Capabilities such as batch messaging and online searching of talent portfolios illustrate this principle.

Following all of these standards helps us to realize our ultimate goal to Deliver Excellence in Service. Casting360 has adopted these core values as a way of doing business to fulfill our mission statement of always striving to exceed our best.

Igor Reiant is Managing Partner of Casting360 in San Francisco.