The Vision of Casting360

The Vision of Casting360 by Igor Reiant

The developers of the Casting360 website have worked hard to create an Internet experience that is easy to use, intuitive, functional, and responsive to user needs. We have two sets of users: talent and the people who cast talent. Our database now contains a wide industry spectrum of more than 1 million people, including filmmakers, casting directors, photographers, directors, and others.
Those interested in joining Casting360 can create portfolios using multimedia presentations in video, sound, and photography. Individuals can respond to an ever-increasing number of casting calls in all parts of the country; we add new casting calls every day. Casting360 also offers resources for performers that help to enhance their natural skills. Several respected actors have created exclusive instructional videos that are available online. Topics include TV and film auditions, resumes and headshots, auditions and monologues for theatre, and the basics of film acting.

At Casting360, we recommend starting an acting career with work as an extra. Many in our database do seek work as extras in movies and TV shows because this is a good way for beginning actors to gain confidence, win work, and get noticed. Casting360’s Show Business 101 section has useful information on the importance of extras and finding work as a background performer. Numerous topics, such as Acting Tips, provide valuable insights into making a good start in the entertainment industry. Visit for complete information.

--Igor Reiant is the Managing Partner of Casting360, based in San Francisco.