Casting360: What to Expect at an Acting Audition

Casting360: What to Expect at an Acting Audition harnesses the power of the World Wide Web to connect talent and entertainment industry professionals. In a little over a year in business, the fast-growing online company has developed a database of more than one million users. Some of the performers utilizing Casting360’s services land their first audition via the website. Here, the company shares information about what performers can expect at an acting audition.

1. When you attend an audition, chances are more than one person will be in the room to evaluate you. You will likely appear before a casting director and others associated with the project for which you are auditioning.

2. Many auditions provide a mark on the floor (often an “X”) that shows you where to stand so that everyone in the room can see you.

3. Bring several copies of your headshot and resume. Offer them to the people for whom you will be auditioning. Be prepared to have your picture taken, as well.

4. You may be asked to “slate,” which merely means to state your full name.

5. You will be given lines to recite from either a script or cue cards. When the casting director tells you to start, read from the script or cards, creating a performance to the best of your ability.

6. The director may ask you to repeat parts of the script, providing acting suggestions like “Use more emotion.”

7. Do not take it personally if you do not receive any feedback. More likely than not, the casting director has seen many performers over the course of the day.