Casting360: Getting Started as a Movie Extra

Casting360: Getting Started as a Movie Extra

Serving as an online entertainment industry “matchmaker,” Casting360 provides Internet tools allowing talent and producers to find each other. While many actors and actresses dream of being “discovered,” what appears to be overnight stardom is actually the result of years of hard work in the entertainment industry. Many stars began their onscreen work as movie extras.

Also known as background actors, extras appear in uncredited, nonspeaking roles as people in the periphery of a scene. For example, an extra may appear as a restaurant patron in a dining scene, or as a mourner at a funeral. So, how do you get started in this field?

1. Register with Casting360.

2. Monitor industry trade publications for open auditions.

3. Consider joining the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and enrolling in its Background Performers section. You must have some experience as a non-union performer before enrolling.

4. When you get a background role, be professional. Show up at the specified call time and expect to work about a 12-hour day. Follow the director’s instructions and work to blend into the scene rather than attempting to stand out.